Decorating basic tips

Use these simple steps to guide you through furnishing any room in your home.

Make a wish list of furniture and accessories to purchase.

Set priorities. You may want to completely redecorate your living room this weekend, but your budget may call for a longer-term plan. A room’s function can help you determine priorities; think about how you can use the room and what pieces are essential for maximum comfort and function.

Sketch a floor plan. Measure the room, noting windows, doors, fireplaces, electrical outlets, and any other architectural features. Also measure any existing furniture that will be incorporated into the room.

Typically, furniture is arranged to take advantage of a fireplace or windows with an appealing view. Larger rooms may allow for two groupings, gathered around coffee tables to create areas for conversations.

Purchase large pieces of furniture first. Bring your floor plan and colour palette with you to help guide your choices.

Pick a colour palette. Whether you favour bold, pastel, or neutral colours, choose up to three to incorporate in each room. Use your sofa or a favourite painting as a guide.

Vary the height of objects. When it comes to finishing touches, it’s more interesting to look at a group of tall, medium and short items.

Cluster items in uneven numbers. The asymmetry is pleasing to the eye.

Leave enough space. Where you position furniture is crucial to creating a comfortable room.

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